New app offers bars and clubs Publicity

publicity screengrabs

A new free app for people to discover nearby bars, pubs and clubs has been launched for iPhones by Publicity Mobile.

Called Publicity, it allows users to search for venues, read reviews and see real-time updates and photos from people who are already there. There are 3,000 pubs, bars and clubs listed in London, with over 1,000 customer reviews.

All information is user-generated, and real-time updates and reviews can be shared with friends and other people looking for places to go out nearby.

The check-in feature allows users to quickly say what the bar is like by sliding a scale for “Busyness”, “Atmosphere”, “Clientele” and “Queue”, and include a photo and comment.

The search function for nearby venues includes a filter for requirements such as cocktails, brunch, a beer garden or sport. Users can also add venues or report any that have closed or changed name.

Publicity will launch in other major cities in the UK later in 2014. An Android version will also come later in the year.

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