New Belvedere: “vodka for whisky drinkers”

Belvedere UnfilteredA new super-premium expression of Belvedere vodka, left unfiltered after distillation, has been launched by LVMH, promoted as a “vodka for whisky drinkers”.

Belvedere Unfiltered is made from the superior Dankowskie Diamond rye, grown only on a very small number of farms in Poland’s Mazovia region, instead of the Dankowskie Gold rye used in original Belvedere.

The Diamond rye’s lower starch content and resulting lower yields create a rich full flavour in the raw spirit which is left unfiltered after distillation to preserve the characteristics.

With an ABV of 40 per cent, Belvedere Unfiltered is promoted for drinking neat, on the rocks or in a classic Martini and is to be positioned as “a vodka for whisky drinkers” because of its depth and complexity. It has a mellow flavour with hints of white pepper and sea salt, with a long finish.

The matt black bottle with gold detail was designed to appeal to its target market of affluent male consumers.

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