New bottled beer range brings more intense flavours


Saltaire Brewery has launched the first in a limited range of 330ml bottled beers under a new brand, SaltaireXS, to meet the demand for more intense flavours.

The first of the two new beers is SaltaireXS Imperial Stout at 8.9% ABV, where five English and German roasted malts combine to deliver a beer with an intense roast character and bags of chocolate, smoke, coffee and dried fruit flavours.

The other is a classic New World-style IPA called SaltaireXS Imperial IPA at 9.5% ABV. Its solid smooth malt base is layered with intense bitterness delivered by Simcoe and Galaxy hops. The dominant citrus and fruit hop flavours are developed through multiple hop charges during the brewing process and dry hopping during fermentation and conditioning.

Ewen Gordon, managing director of the West Yorkshire brewery, said: “As beer drinkers become savvier and more adventurous in their search for exciting beers, we want to offer a more challenging range of beers, high in strength, intensely flavoured, drawn from the classic styles of the beer world.

“We’ve challenged our brewers to concentrate the flavours, experiment with new techniques and produce beers at the leading edge of world beers. At all times we seek to balance the flavours so the beers remain intense, but pleasurable on the palate.

“We’ve started with two classic styles, but have plans to extend the SaltaireXS range later this year with more classic beers, traditionally brewed true to style but with a contemporary twist.”

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