New bottles for Teichenné liqueurs aimed at bartenders

Teichienne new bottle range

An elegant new look has been created for the Teichenné range of liqueurs in collaboration with bartenders.

The sleek, frosted bottles are designed to better stand out on back bars and reflect the quality and craftsmanship of the liquid inside.

They have a smaller base to take up less room on back bars and in speedrails as well as a longer neck to provide bartenders with a better, larger space for gripping and pouring.

Exclusively available in the on-trade, they are available in seven flavours: Peach, Green Apple, Vanilla, Chocolate, Butterscotch, Strawberry, and Raspberry, all at 17% ABV.

Jen Draper, head of marketing at the liqueurs’ UK distributor Global Brands, said: “The fresh new look is designed to capture the attention of both bartenders and consumers alike.

“By working with the Teichenné family, we really understood the family’s story and therefore the heritage and provenance of the brand. From there, we were able to create a bottle that worked in the modern world, while making sure that it expressed its rich, craft history.”

The Teichenné family have been distilling since the 19th century, starting out in Massat on the French side of the Pyrenees before moving further down the mountains to settle among the vineyards of Montpellier, where they began to source ingredients for their products.

The range combines high-quality Mediterranean fruits with melted glacial water from the Pyrenees that descends 100 miles down the mountains.

General director Marc Teichenné said: “Teichenne is perfect for creating old classic cocktails as well as exciting new serves. We created this liqueur with premium tastes in mind, using the richest ingredients to help it bring to life some of the finest cocktails around the world. And this is why Teichenné really is the discerning bartender’s choice.

“These new bottles, we feel, now really reflect the quality and craftsmanship of the liquid inside the bottle.”

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