New brand aims to grow popularity of kombucha in UK

Jarr Kombucha

A fermented tea drink, Jarr Kombucha, has been launched in the UK on- and off-trade with the aim of making kombucha as popular as it is in North America.

Originating in Japan in the fifth century, kombucha is low in sugar, alcohol free and full of enzymes and probiotics that are considered beneficial to health. It has a tart vinegary taste that is often balanced with different flavours.

Brewed and bottled in Hackney Wick in London, Jarr Kombucha is made from organic and biodynamic loose-leaf Sri Lankan tea and organic sugar cane from Brazil plus filtered water. Its first three flavours are Original, Ginger, and Passion Fruit.

Jarr was formed by Adam Vanni with Tom and Jess Seaton and Neil Hinchley, the founders of London’s Crate Brewery.

Adam said: “I was first introduced to kombucha while at university in San Diego. There was something mysteriously appealing about the vinegary flavour that kept me coming back for more.

“It soon became a regular substitute for fruit juice and then a substitute for beer or wine if I didn’t feel like drinking alcohol.

“Now I’m pretty much addicted to the flavour and have it every morning. It is nowhere near as widespread in the UK at the moment but we hope to change that with Jarr, and I’m so excited to be introducing the drink to a brand new audience.”

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