New campaign encourages bars to add mocktails

frobishers mocktail

Bars, restaurants and pubs are being encouraged to serve more non-alcoholic cocktails in a new campaign from premium juice supplier Frobishers.

Under the title of “Unusual Suspects”, it is providing licensees with recipes, inspiration, marketing support and tips on tapping into the profit-making potential of mocktails and soft drinks.

It is designed to highlight to operators the value that soft drinks can add to their bottom line, using a few simple ingredients, garnishes and the correct glassware.

Steve Carter, sales and marketing director of Frobishers, said: “Through the ‘Unusual Suspects’ campaign we want operators to re-evaluate the contribution that premium juices can make to their profit margins, encouraging them to think of them in the same profit-boosting way they would consider premium spirits or wines.

“Premium soft drinks may not be the usual suspects when it comes to increasing profits, but we believe that Frobishers can improve an operator’s bottom line. So, rather than serving your customers a standard, run-of-the-mill soft drink, serve a Frobishers mocktail and see how these ‘Unusual Suspects’ can add value to your takings.”

Mocktails can command a higher price point than a single serving of premium juice. Frobishers recommends selling its mocktails for at least £3 each which, with the addition of a few simple, low-cost ingredients and garnishes could elevate the gross profit by up to 40% per drink.

To support the campaign Frobishers has designed and created five mocktails with consultancy Blackleaf Events, presenting them in a branded Frobishers mocktail menu that can be displayed at the bar.

This will be complemented by a Frobishers mocktail recipe card giving bar staff simple instructions to recreate each of the drinks, including garnishes and serving suggestions. The campaign will be backed up by trade advertising and social media support.

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