New company launches scotch and continental beers in UK


Two continental beers and a scotch whisky are being introduced in the UK by a newly created company, Interbev Brands.

It has been set up by the Interbev group of companies as a new international brand management and distribution business that will distribute, licence and produce drinks.

Its first three brands are Moritz beer from Barcelona, Karlsbräu UrPils from Germany, and Label 5 – a blended whisky produced in Scotland for French company La Martiniquaise.

Steve Brogan, founder and owner of Interbev, said: “Interbev Brands brings new, fresh and exciting brands and products to the UK market and internationally.

“Our business was established in 2008 to sell and distribute international drinks brands around the world and we have widespread experience in adapting to the changing dynamics of the market globally. Expanding our business offer to include exclusive brand management was a natural evolution.

“Our model enables us to build dynamic plans that are scalable and not one size fits all for our partners to accommodate market opportunity, channel focus and investment, and importantly ensures that we are concentrated and focused.

“We are fired up about our exciting portfolio of special and unique brands which we are launching, and there is more to come.”

Dating back to 1856, Moritz is made to traditional brewing methods, with premium ingredients of mineral spring water from the Montseny Spring and Saaz Hops. With a retro brand image, there are three in the range: light-bodied, soft Moritz at 5.4% ABV, strong toasted lager Moritz Epidor at 7.2% ABV, and alcohol-free Aigua de Moritz.

Andrea Serrat Draper, export director at Moritz, said: “Our beer encapsulates and personifies the colourful and vibrant lifestyle that is Barcelona. We are a brand for free thinkers who want authentic products, a proposition that is growing in the UK market.

“Moritz has a strong sense of individuality and a confidence to do things differently – the vision, energy and focus of Steve and his team at Interbev Brands was the catalyst of forming our partnership.”

The Pilsener-style Karlsbräu is the market leader in its home region of Saarland. Brewed since 1878, it is produced in one of the largest family-owned breweries in Germany. The range, with a fresh-tasting, crisp aromatic character, comprises Karlsbräu UrPils at 4.8% ABV in keg and 330ml bottles and Karlsbräu Lager at 5% ABV in 500ml cans.

Andreas Oster, export director at Karlsbräu, said: “Karlsbräu is a traditional crafted beer with mass-market appeal, not new craft, for people who want a quality down-to-earth German beer. Our brand is made with a strong stance of no compromise, to produce to the highest quality and excellence.”

Well-known in France, Label 5 Classic Black is a modern blended whisky produced, aged and bottled in Scotland, made with high-quality malt and grain. Smooth with subtle smoke influences and a delicate fruity flavour, it has ABV of 40% ABV.

David Borthwick, UK sales director for the whisky brand, said: “Label 5 is a truly dynamic and international brand, positioned for scotch whisky drinkers seeking a great-value quality classic, with modern contemporary style.

“The team at Interbev Brands are experienced, agile, and entrepreneurial – together we are well positioned to build a solid following in the UK with our unique positioning in the market.”

Label 5 whisky

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