New Consolis X-10 EPoS till gives bars more flexible payment options to avoid missed sales

Consolis launches integrated EPoS/payment system for pubs and bars for under £60 a month.

 Recent research from Santander UK revealed that many small businesses are losing sales opportunities because of their lack of flexible payment options.

Now, Consolis Payments ( is enabling small and medium-sized businesses to meet all of their customers’ growing card payment requirements, including debit, credit and contactless payments.

It is launching the Consolis X-10 – a new generation, touch-screen cash register with an integrated credit card machine.

The Consolis X-10 is the first all-in-one device to bridge the gap between cash register units and the sophisticated EPoS technology used by major multiple retailers … but at less than half the cost of a standard EPoS system.

Pubs and bars can rent the Consolis X-10 for less than £60 per month. This includes the integrated payment terminal.

Consolis Payments provides full hardware and software support for the X-10, as well as training for bar staff.

In addition to giving customers a wider choice of payment options, the X-10 allows pubs and bars to benefit from the faster payment processing, shorter queues and cost savings currently enjoyed by major retail chains.

The integrated point of sale devices required to accept card payments – including payments with smartphones and tablets – have not previously been available to small businesses at such a low cost.

The launch of the Consolis X-10 follows recent research from Santander UK which revealed that 39% of UK adults now avoid small businesses that don’t accept payment by card, or require a minimum payment amount. Some 60% of UK adults would be more likely to buy from small businesses if these payment barriers were removed, the survey suggested.

The Consolis X-10 is a flexible, all-in-one touch screen cash register with a host of EPoS functions packed into an exceptionally small countertop footprint.

Based on the ARM processor used by new generation mobile devices. the stylish X-10 was specially developed by Consolis Payments ( to work in tandem with its credit and debit card machines.

The compact ‘out of the box’ plug-and-play X-10 was specifically designed as a low-cost replacement for small businesses that currently use a traditional cash register.

Easy to set up and use, the Consolis X-10’s sophisticated features include: intuitive touch screen navigation, fast bar and quick serve menu screens, barcode scanning, price levels with quantity modifiers for Happy Hour, and an extensive reporting capability.

Key functional benefits include one-time transaction entry which results in quicker service, a reduction in errors, and easy end-of-day reconciliation.

Tim Allen, managing director of Consolis Payments, says: “With the continuing growth of card payments and contactless payments for low-value transactions, many smaller businesses are either missing sales opportunities or are having to spend even more time at the till. When you have to enter purchase transactions twice, it’s easy to make costly errors.”

He adds: “By providing an advanced EPoS solution at an affordable price, the X-10 enables cost-conscious pubs and bars to take advantage of the rapid growth of contactless payments.

“It also provides faster and more accurate one-time entry sales, helps to reduce customer queues, and avoids time-consuming reconciliation work at the end of the day.

“Just one misplaced decimal point a week could cover the cost of the Consolis X-10 package.”


For full details, contact:

Consolis Payments Ltd

Tel: 0845 206 8665


About the Consolis X-10:


– All-in-one payment and countertop solution

– ARM processor

– Bright 10” touch screen

– Small footprint with future-proof design and feel

– Integrated chip and pin ready

– Barcode scanning

– Intuitive displays and menu navigation

– Simple tab system

– Sophisticated reporting and transaction history via six memory levels

– Easy product maintenance and screen setup

– Fast product management and service in a single terminal

– Simple table service terminal

– Simple order tickets

– Powerful promotion engine for ‘meal deal’ and set menus

– Live backups with restore points

– Training mode.


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