New craft lager launches with leading bar and restaurant

Signal Lager

New London brewery Signal Lager has been launched with a craft lager in a can, debuting at new bar and restaurant Pitt Cue in the City of London.

Signal Lager has been inspired by the “beer as food” movement in the US and aims to redefine the way that craft lager is perceived in the UK with a dynamic, premium product.

Its first customer is Pitt Cue in Devonshire Square which was opened earlier this year by the team behind former Soho restaurant Pitt Cue. They serve Signal Lager in both the bar and the restaurant, complementing the new venue’s own on-site Alphabeta brewery.

Like Pitt Cue, Signal Lager’s ethos is to give drinks the same level of care and thought as food.

With an emphasis on provenance, ingredients and process, the new craft lager contains only four ingredients, all natural: water, malt, hops and yeast. Unfiltered and unpasteurised for a greater natural flavour, the 4.8% ABV craft lager takes two months to brew and is created in small batches.

It is conditioned at near-freezing temperature for long periods of time until brilliant clarity is naturally reached. Accomplished using unique concept “Route Seven”, Signal’s craft lager never rises above its optimal serving temperature of 7C from conditioning tank to serving glass, resulting in a fresh, smooth finish.

Signal Lager is naturally carbonated, and unlike industrially produced lagers, has a mild sweetness without the use of sweetening agents such as rice or maize. Chemical-free and devoid of yeast aids and flavourings, Signal Lager has a clean and authentic flavour profile.

Signal Lager’s slick, silver packaging conveys the clean, unadulterated product messaging with minimal branding in a stylish, 100% recyclable can. Not only are cans cost effective and environmentally friendly, they also block UV light and contain a dual seam seal that minimises oxygen pickup for better-tasting, fresh lager.

Pitt Cue bar manager Adam Pendrich said: “We believe that the drinking experience at Pitt Cue should be the same level as the dining experience. It’s why we champion small, passionate ‘underdog’ brands and only stock drinks that we can be sure of the ingredients and process: ones that ultimately haven’t been messed about with.

“Signal Lager has a clean, fresh flavour that works well with food, with enough substance to cut through the meat dishes and so is a great addition to our drinks list.”

Signal co-founder Dom Thorpe added: “Signal is the only unfiltered, unpasteurised, chemical-free craft lager in a can in London. We have set out to reinvent consumers’ perception of lager by creating a really fresh, small-batch product with just four natural ingredients.

“Pitt Cue is the perfect restaurant for our brand to launch with as we have huge respect for their drinking and dining ethos.”

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