NEW CREATIONS: Colours of Summer

One of our favourite cocktail makers, Punit – known as @veermasterberlin on Instagram – is back with a brand new serve that screams sunny season!

Mixologist Punit Thakur surprises us again with one of his artsy creations: Colours of Summer.

Punit is a chef, and he started experimenting with cocktails back in 2015. His Instagram account showcases his creativity and curiosity in the form of crafty serves. His audience, just like us, is in awe of his technique, and Punit has been steadily gaining followers.

In occasion of this busy month, we wanted to bring our readers’ attention to one of the biggest talents we know and inspire you to explore your own boundaries when it comes to cocktail making. Talking about his interest towards mixology, Punit says: “It is my hobby, my passion and my happy place. I create cocktail recipes based on unique homemade syrups and liqueurs. Most important with me is the unique garnish which is mostly flowers and fruits, and sometimes special accessories.”

Now on parental leave to fully enjoy the happiness of being a father, Punit is spending a lot of his free time coming up with new recipes. While building a rich portfolio that portrays his biggest strength – experimental creations topped with extravagant garnishes – Punit is carrying on with his passion for mixology by combining unique ingredients to create the perfect drink.

To top all of that off, Punit always finds the right vessel for his serves; he takes a personal interest in searching for the ideal glassware, which he complements with artisanal, edible garnishes – most of them coming straight from his garden!

Punit’s cocktails are homemade, original, and deliberately artsy – exactly what we love to share with our readers.

Aligning with July’s focus on gin and genever, Punit has kindly agreed to walk us through a gin-based cocktail while providing his insights on the category and explaining how adaptable a liquid gin is.

Punit says: “The big thing about gin is that it is highly versatile. Depending on the manner of distillation and processes, it can make different strengths, tones and tastes.

“Besides having a flavour profile that can be enhanced by adding various botanical notes, gin can also be paired with other spirits such as vodka, mezcal and – my favourite – champagne.

“With gin, you can create anything; I love experimenting with it and creating some unique recipes.”

Speaking of recipes, we hope you will enjoy this one!

About the cocktail

Punit’s drink is all about summer. He says: “I imagine myself on a beach with a warm breeze and this chilled drink in my hands. A perfect holiday feeling.”

Easy to make and serve – aside from garnish – this drink is sweet, strong, and full of flavour, topped with sparkling tonic water to keep the freshness.

Colours of Summer


– 4 oz gin
– 6 oz homemade rhubarb syrup
– 2 oz butterfly pea liqueur
– half a lime
– 4 strawberries
– Tonic water

Vessel: tall glass

Garnish: Chamomile, cornflower and a hare’s ear.


– Add strawberry and syrup
– Muddle strongly
– Add crushed ice
– Add gin and lime juice
– Add tonic water
– Add butterfly pea liqueur
– Top up with more ice
– Stir and serve

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