New drops bring tobacco flavour for cocktails

Tobacco Flavour Drops Cream Supplies

Chefs and bartenders can add the flavour of tobacco to food and drink without nicotine or tar through a new product from catering specialist Cream Supplies.

It has added Tobacco Flavour Drops to its ranges of food and cocktails ingredients, creating the flavour partly from tobacco plants but with none of the harmful ingredients.

The warm, earthy and smoky flavour notes of tobacco have been used by many notable chefs over the years including Ferran Adria, Anthony Bourdain and Joan Roca.

It works very well with strong flavours such as caramel, chocolate and coffee while bartenders might want to pair it with whiskey or cognac.

Tobacco Flavour Drops are an easy and convenient way of achieving flavour without having to resort to extracting it from the leaves themselves. Because they are very highly concentrated, very little is required: between 1ml (eight drops) and 2ml (16 drops) is enough to flavour about one litre of base liquid.

The drops are water-based so they disperse well in most foods and drinks and, because they do not contain alcohol, they will not evaporate or denature quickly when used with hot foods.

Their shelf life is 18 months to two years when stored in dry, cool conditions and out of direct sunlight. Once opened, quality is maintained for around six months as long as the bottle is re-sealed. They are sold in a 30ml glass bottle with a pipette for easy use.

Cream Supplies offers over 50 products in its Flavour Drops range, including Christmas pudding, rhubarb, popcorn, bacon, lemongrass, chilli and bakewell tart.

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