New Earl Grey lager from Adnams and Teapigs

Adnams, the Suffolk-based brewer and distiller, has joined forces with Teapigs to produce an Earl Grey Lager.

The limited edition brew features the signature citrus and bergamot flavours of Earl Grey tea to create an easy drinking, crisp and refreshing lager and is the latest addition to Adnams’ Jack Brand range of beers.

Brewed from Galaxy hops using Pilsner malt before being infused with teapigs’ Earl Grey blend, the new lager has an ABV of 5% and will be available in 30 litre keg and 330ml bottles throughout April.

Fergus Fitzgerald, head brewer at Adnams, said: “Sometimes the story behind a beer is pretty uncomplicated. I’ve been a fan of Earl Grey in beer since first tasting the Yeastie Boys Gunnamatta, an Earl Grey IPA a few years ago.

“All of the beers I’d tried with Earl Grey since were pale ales and IPAs but we thought the flavour would also work really well in a lager. The key to this beer was always going to be the tea and we looked at lots before landing on the Darjeeling Earl Grey from Teapigs, the more delicate floral tea flavour along with the beautiful bergamot notes really stood out.

“Using Earl Grey tea in a beer might sound odd but it actually makes perfect sense, the tannins from the tea work like the hop bitterness and the citrus notes of the bergamot find a home from home alongside the citrus note of the hops. It’s flavourful whilst remaining crisp and refreshing and like I said, uncomplicated.”

Louise Cheadle, Teapigs tea taster, said: “Tea and beer, so British in their own unique ways so why not combine them? We’re delighted to partner with Adnams whose expertise in brewing has produced this gem of a beer. No need for “pinkies up” when knocking back this brew.”

Earl Grey Lager is available on general release and online at

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