New éclairs promise more authentic French flavours

Brioche Pasquier Eclair_Chocolate

A new range of éclairs has been introduced by Brioche Pasquier to help bars, pubs and restaurants to tap into the pastry’s comeback.

The Brioche Pasquier éclairs are baked with light, crisp choux pastry made with French butter and filled with an authentic flavoured crème pâtissiėre filling.

These light éclairs are said to bear little resemblance to the “rather weighty anglicised versions which tend to be filled with cream and topped with a dollop of chocolate”.

Jon Turonnet, foodservice sales manager at Brioche Pasquier, said: “All of our pâtisserie is made to traditional recipes in France by expert pâtissiers using the finest French ingredients and faithfully following classic French baking methods.

“This means that they are a completely authentic product, true to the flavours of France and with no preservatives or artificial flavours. The éclairs are baked, filled and finished and then frozen immediately to seal in that freshly baked flavour.”

The new éclairs come in two flavours and two sizes. The Éclair Chocolat is dark with a very chocolatey crème pâtissière filling and finished with a sweet icing that has the mirror shine that is said to be so important to the look of a truly accomplished French éclair.

The Éclair Café has all the rich coffee flavour of a proper French “un petit noir” black coffee infused into its crème pâtissiėre filling and is topped with a light and shiny coffee icing.

These standard-sized éclairs simply need a few hours defrosting in a refrigerator before popping on a plate. They come in packs of 10 – each is 15cm long and weighs 80g.

They could be served with a selection of other French pâtisserie products and are an ideal accompaniment at morning coffee or afternoon tea or as a dessert offering. They are also perfect for event catering as they are easy to serve and to eat.

With mini-desserts becoming more fashionable, Brioche Pasquier has also launched a box of stand-alone mini-éclairs.

These are suitable for afternoon teas to sit alongside other mini-sized pastries and cakes, or they can be offered as a bite-sized sweet treat at the end of a meal. Mini-éclairs come in a pack of 22, 11 chocolate and 11 coffee. Each is 7cm long and weighs 330g.

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