New gin from Cornwall draws on region’s traditions

Elemental GinThe Cornish Gin Distillery has launched a new premium gin, Elemental, that blends exotic botanicals to create a product that represents the spirit of Cornwall.

Its ingredients include juniper berries from Croatia, coriander seed from Spain and cassia bark from China, combined to produce a well-balanced flavour encompassing dry grassy overtones with a sweet gentle spice.

Distilled and bottled entirely in Cornwall, it is handcrafted in small batches using local spring water and blended in a copper still. It uses the traditional “one shot” method rather than a concentrate.

It was created by Jon and Jilly Meyer from St Columb in Cornwall, who started the Cornish Gin Distillery business with the help of their two eldest children.

Jon said: “We’ve been passionate about gin for many years now and decided that it was high time that Cornwall had its own high-quality premium brand.

“Gin-making is an ancient process which is dependent on the alchemical elements of copper and water, both of which are strong symbols of Cornwall and why we chose to name the product Elemental.”

It was launched at the Choose Cornish awards, hosted by regional food champions Cornwall Food & Drink, where it was served to guests, including chefs and food suppliers, with a range of soft drinks provided by Cornish Orchards.

Cornish Orchards’ hand-pressed apple juice, elderflower pressé and new cranberry and raspberry blend proved ideal mixers to accompany the gin.

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