New Fenjiu baijiu cocktail for Chinese New Year at China Tang

It’s Chinese New Year and to celebrate premium Chinese baijiu producer, Fenjiu, is launching a new cocktail at China Tang at The Dorchester.

Created by head bartender, Leo Surovec, the new Fenjiu cocktail is named Fen Chiew Blossom and is listed in China Tang’s elegant bar at £18 per serve.

Fen Chiew Blossom marries the fruit, savoury, spice, and nut characters of Fenjiu Fen Chiew 10 Years Old baijiu with the flavours of pomegranate, strawberry green tea, aloe vera, lime and apple blossom in a refreshing rose-coloured long drink.


15ml fresh pomegranate seeds, muddled 

25ml Fenjiu Fen Chiew baijiu 10 Years Old

25ml St. Germain and Italicus infused with strawberry green tea

15 ml Martini Bianco

10ml fresh lime juice

The ingredients are shaken together, then served over ice, topped up with home-made sparkling aloe vera and garnished with edible apple blossom.

Leo Surovec says “Fenjiu Fen Chiew 10 Years Old baijiu is an amazing spirit for cocktail creations due to its multiple levels of aromas and flavours. Chinese New Year is an important time for us at China Tang and to celebrate I have created the Fen Chiew Blossom cocktail with this Fenjiu baijiu, giving our customers a new opportunity to experience China’s national drink in a contemporary serve.”

About baijiu

Baijiu is a distilled clear spirit from China. It is an important part of Chinese culture and found at the centre of all celebrations and occasions. Baijiu is traditionally enjoyed neat with food, and these days it is also often served as a lifestyle drink on the rocks or in cocktails.

About Fenjiu

Fenjiu is the oldest Chinese baijiu, with 6,000 years of history, and is still made today in Xinghua Village, Fenyang in the Shanxi province of north China according to traditional production methods, using organic sorghum and pure spring water. The Fenjiu production process is complex and includes double fermentation and double distillation to ensure the finest quality. Fenjiu is classed as a Light Aroma baijiu due to its pure, delicate style.

Fenjiu is recognised throughout China and is even featured in one of China’s most famous poems written by the Tang Dynasty (618-907) poet Du Mu. The poem describes a shepherd boy sitting on an ox, pointing towards Xinghua Village where refreshment can be found.

A range of Fenjiu baijiu is available in the UK. Fenjiu Fen Chiew 10 Years Old is an example of the classic style.

Cheng International is the UK importer and distributor of the range of Fenjiu baijiu

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