New flavour for Caribbean soft drink launched in on-trade


AG Barr is launching a new variant of Ka, the UK’s number-one flavoured Caribbean carbonate, into the on-trade. Also available in grocery, the sparkling sour cherry drink is based on the popular sour cherry Caribbean fruit.

Adrian Troy, head of marketing for AG Barr, said: “Over 40 million cherry drinks are sold each year in the UK. Delivering this popular flavour with a sour twist while maintaining the powerful, full-on taste which Ka is famous for will draw both new and existing consumers.”

Currently growing at 11%, Ka has a 40% share of the £40 million Afro-Caribbean category and is twice as big as any other brand in this market.

Adrian added: “Ka has consistently grown every year for the past decade, with over 47 million Ka drinks consumed in the last year. The brand has now grown far beyond its original London heartland and, with more than half its core consumers now living outside central London, the brand has national appeal and is a must-stock for all outlets.

“Ka drinkers are trend setters who crave new and unique flavours.”

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