New flavours added to the Re’al range of infused syrups

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New flavours have been added to the Re’al range of cocktail ingredients in the UK after consultations with bartenders.

After last year’s launch of a range of infused syrups, American Beverage Marketers (ABM) has introduced Black Cherry Re’al and Passion Fruit Re’al.

The two new flavours, made from premium fruit puree, will be launched at the Imbibe Live show in London today and tomorrow (June 29 and 30).

Black Cherry Re’al is infused with premium Chilean black cherries, which are commonly used instead of sweet cherries to achieve a sharper taste. These small sweet “superfruits” can add a twist to classics to create drinks such as a Black Cherry Old Fashioned and a Black Cherry Daiquiri.

Passion Fruit Re’al is infused with premium Purple Passion Fruit from Vietnam. Passion fruit is highly aromatic and has a tropical sweet tart flavour, with nuances of pineapple, papaya, mango, citrus and guava which ABM believes makes it perfect for drinks including Martinis, classic cocktails, Sangrias and Mojitos.

The infused syrups range was launched in the UK last year through distributor Cellar Trends, building on the success of the popular cocktail ingredient Coco Re’al cream of coconut. They are used in bars such as Mahiki and Artesian in London and national groups including Revolución De Cuba and Be At One.

ABM’s vice president of marketing, William Hinkebein, said: “Re’al Black Cherry and Passion Fruit both meet a specific need in the market and have been designed with input from some of the world’s best bartenders and mixologists.

“We are confident we’re offering our customers the very best in terms of flavour and quality and are excited to see how the two new SKUs are received in the UK.”

Award-winning UK bartender and drinks consultant Andy Pearson said: “I use the Re’al Black Cherry infused syrup as it gives such a wonderfully intense sour cherry fruit hit, creating a wonderful depth of flavour for all my cocktail creation.

“To create a clean and authentic passion fruit taste, then I always tend to go for the newly launched Re’al Passion Fruit.”

The Re’al infused syrups are made with a proprietary process of removing water from traditional syrup and replacing it with pureed fruit. ABM sources the fruits from top growing regions around the world and taps into the flavours that are most versatile and loved by cocktail drinkers.

Other flavours in the Re’al line include Blueberry, Mango, Peach, Strawberry, Raspberry and Ginger as well as more unusual flavours such as Pumpkin, and Agave Nectar.

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