New food and drink menus at Missoula bars

missoula strawberry margarita heroA new food and drink menu has been launched for Missoula, the 13-strong group of bars operated by Stonegate Pub Company, including a new range of Margaritas.

Known for their American-inspired food, the bars have introduced a new hanging skewer dish, with a choice of beef and pepper, chicken and pepper or chargrilled vegetables. It is served with shoestring fries and a choice of either garlic and herb or a sweet chilli drizzle.

Stonegate has also enhanced Missoula’s small plate section for sharing, including seafood dishes such as crispy calamari and spicy crumbed shrimp.

Nicola Stuart, brand development manager at Stonegate, said: “We’ve kept our signature dishes such as our freshly rolled pizzas made with our secret tomato house sauce and classic, succulent all-American style burgers whilst at the same time, enhancing the menu with these great new dishes. The hanging skewers really create a sense of theatre and are visually impactful as well as tasting great.”

As part of the Home Comforts section on the menu, another dish to be added is a luxury fish pie filled with haddock, salmon and prawns in a creamy leek sauce.

“To add to these comforting dishes, we’ve also gone decadent with our desserts,” Nicola adds. “The Honeycomb and Popcorn cheesecake is a must-try and the Chocolate Brownie and Ice Cream are a nod to our American roots.”

Seven new Margaritas have been added to the drinks list, including Peach and Passion Fruit, Honey and Lime and Frozen Coconut. Pictured is a Strawberry Margarita.

They are served in a choice of vessels: the Tommy is a short, stocky jam jar, for serving the drink on the rocks and aimed at men, while the Rita is a stylish stemmed Margarita glass, aimed at women.

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