New ginger variant added to cucumber soft drink range

Qcumber with ginger 330ml

A new ginger flavour variant has been added to spice up the Qcumber range of soft drinks made with cucumber.

Qcumber with Ginger blends natural cucumber essence and lightly sparkling spring water with spicy ginger with no artificial sweeteners, colours, preservatives and flavourings.

Available in 330ml and 750ml glass bottles, it joins the original Qcumber plus the variant Qcumber with Mint launched last year. As well as being enjoyed as drinks in their own right, the variants are suitable as mixers, particularly with gin or vodka.

Graham Carr-Smith, creator of the cucumber-flavoured soft drink brand, said: “After the successes achieved in recent years, we thought it was time to spice things up a little, and new Qcumber with Ginger is all set to do just that.

“With a hint of lemongrass to ensure that the mouth-feel is spicy but not ‘hot’, the new flavour really will be a treat for taste-buds.

“Having only launched in 2012, Qcumber has come a very long way in a very short time. The introduction of Qcumber with Ginger marks a new chapter in the brand’s success story.”

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