New glass set to enhance Leffe tasting experience

Leffe new glass

AB InBev has introduced a new glass for Belgian abbey beer Leffe after 18 months of development, aimed at enhancing the tasting experience.

As well as showing off the colour of the beer, the glass enhances the foam with an engraved “L” at the bottom of the glass – the “L” shape promotes a continuous release of bubbles, meaning the foam head can stay frothy for longer.

The new glass stem has been redesigned to feature a three-dimensional engraving of the Leffe Abbey, reaffirming the brand’s rich heritage, but with a contemporary twist. The upgrade also allows the glass to be held easily without warming the liquid, ensuring it remains at the perfect temperature to be enjoyed.

The rounder form and narrower neck of the new glass concentrates the complex scents and subtle nuances of the beer’s unique aromas, reinforcing Leffe as a distinct and premium serve.

Beer specialist Jonny Tyson, AB InBev’s beer knowledge manager and educator for Europe, said: “The new glass is not only appealing to the eye, but it also enhances the taste experience of Leffe, enabling drinkers to fully appreciate the quality of the beer.

“We are committed to driving excellence in every pour, allowing drinkers to savour each and every Leffe moment, and rediscover time.”

To help the on-trade understand the new glassware features and benefits, Leffe has created a video talking through the design, which can be viewed by clicking here.

An instructional video with Jonny has also been produced to educate bar staff on how to perfectly serve Leffe.

The redesign of the Leffe glass is part of a wider investment programme for Leffe in the on-trade across the UK, which will be launched later this year.

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