New glassware to enhance Krombacher Pils

krombacher_pils_glassNew traditional-style German glassware is being introduced in the UK for Krombacher Pils, the number-one premium beer in Germany.

Available in pints for pubs and bars from November, the stemmed glass has an authentic Pilsner-style shape used for the German beer in its home market.

As well as capturing the heritage of drinking the beer, the glass is designed to enhance the flavour of Krombacher Pils as well as showcase the colour, effervescence and clarity of the beer and maintain a good head.

Julian Penny, UK country manager for Krombacher, said: “The ingredients that we use in Krombacher Pils are of the highest quality so it makes sense that the beer is presented in quality glassware that reflects investment in the brand.

“The new glassware gives consumers a true, continental serve and, as part of the support package which includes point-of-sale material, we give all Krombacher customers an assignment of the authentic beer doily that you often experience abroad when served a beer.

“At Krombacher, quality is vital and no beer leaves the brewery before being checked at least three times by one of the Krombacher head brewers. This attention to detail and commitment to quality should be evident from the brewery to the bar which is one of the reasons that the new glassware has been introduced.”

Krombacher is currently experiencing a 25% increase in volume year on year in the UK with further plans to build on that volume and increase distribution. In its home market in Germany, the brewery experienced its highest-ever output of beer in the history of the company earlier this year.

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