New-look bottle and recipe launched for Hoxton Gin

Hoxton Gin new bottle

A new bottle and recipe have been introduced for Hoxton Gin, which features coconut and grapefruit, at the start of a new push for the brand.

Available from August, the gin has lowered its ABV from 43% to 40% alongside tweaks to the recipe that include a reduction in the use of coconut alongside the juniper, grapefruit and other botanicals

It has a striking new look that switches from a more traditional rounded bottle to a rectangular one with square shoulders (pictured).

Distributed by Emporia Brands, Hoxton Gin was launched five years ago by bartender Gerry Calabrese, whose ventures include The Hoxton Pony bar in east London. The new recipe was developed in consultation with other bartenders.

A new marketing push for the gin features the signature serve of mixing the gin with a premium ginger ale over ice, garnish with a zest of fresh grapefruit peel – previewed at the Imbibe Live show in London this month.

Gerry said: “The new-look Hoxton Gin is a new stage for our brand. Much like the area of London itself, we are always looking to evolve and innovate as often as possible.”

James Rackham, chairman of Emporia Brands, added: “Hoxton Gin follows its birthplace in Hoxton, London in acquiring sophistication to the famous edgy culture”.

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