New-look bottle to be rolled out for Beefeater gin

Beefeater London Dry Gin new bottle

A new bottle is being rolled out for leading London dry gin Beefeater with a new design celebrating the city that it comes from.

Featuring a hand-drawn map of London, the new packaging reflects how the gin continues to be made in the capital at its distillery in Kennington.

A bird’s eye view of London – illustrated in classic Beefeater red – sits on the back of the bottle, acting as a backdrop to the yeoman, or beefeater, and the brand’s logo in the foreground. The stylised map of London captures iconic landmarks captured from the viewpoint of Tower Bridge.

The figure of the yeoman is positioned commandingly above the Beefeater logo. The signature of James Burrough, the founder of Beefeater, has been introduced on the front label, highlighting that it still uses the original recipe from Beefeater’s foundation in the 19th century. The front of the bottle also carries the reminder that it is the “world’s most awarded gin”.

After consumer research in key markets such as Spain and the USA, the new pack design has been well received as a strong evolution of the brand’s dynamic visual identity while retaining the familiar Beefeater look and premium feel.

Beefeater’s global brand director Eric Sampers, who unveiled the new design, said: “Beefeater London Dry is a bold, creative gin underpinned by tradition, with a huge amount of respect from the trade and consumers.

“The premium gin category is booming, which makes the job even more exciting, and the redesign of the Beefeater London Dry bottle will ensure that our premium expression is leading the surge of interest in the category. We’re sure that the new design will encourage consumers to discover the unique qualities that both London and Beefeater share.

“The bottle reflects the changing state of London, perfectly illustrating the mix of tradition and dynamism found in both London and Beefeater.

“The gin has of course remained the same, as it has done since our founder James Burrough created the original recipe. After all, we’re the most awarded gin in the world – why would we change it?”

Rolling out globally, including the UK, from this month, it will carry the same price point, with a recommended price in retail in the UK of £17.50 per 70cl.

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