New look for Brugal 1888 rum targets ‘explorative’ drinkers

Brugal 1888 rum

A new look is to be rolled out for Brugal 1888 rum, aiming to target a new premium audience of “explorative spirit” consumers in the UK.

Described as “part of a step change for the brand”, the new elegant curved bottle features a series of design touches that pay homage to the brand’s Caribbean heritage along with tasting notes, full-bottle netting and the rum master’s signature to denote authenticity.

It has a hand-dipped black waxed seal similar to that of premium and small-batch bourbons – a nod to the fact that every bottle of 1888 is first aged for eight years in ex-bourbon American oak casks before a further six years of ageing in European oak, first-fill sherry casks.

The bottle is being launched by distributor Maxxium UK in a select number of outlets from December and rolling out over the next six months in London, Glasgow and Liverpool before being available more widely nationwide. It has a recommended price in retail of £50.

The new look for 1888 is aiming to capitalise on burgeoning interest in premium dark spirits while helping consumers consider drinking the rum neat to reaffirm the brand as “the world’s finest sipping rum”.

Created to be enjoyed slowly and at a room temperature typical to that of the Dominican Republic where it is made, 1888 will be supported by “The Maestro’s Tip” serve at selected on-trade outlets.

Specifically designed to recreate the 24 to 26 degrees Centigrade of the Caribbean, this serve incorporates a hand-crafted copper and wood “linterna”, or lantern, that uses the gentle heat of a tea light to accentuate the complexities in the liquid.

Due to its double ageing process, 1888 is a full-bodied, deep amber rum with a complex but balanced flavour. Incorporating distinctively sweet vanilla and toffee notes with a long finish, the Spanish sherry oak adds a dryness that brings together a series of citrus and red fruits, providing a unique balance to the liquid.

Karla Castro, global marketing controller for Brugal and 1888, said: “With almost 130 years and five-generations of family heritage behind us, our reverence to craftsmanship extends further than just a looking to the past and, in truth, we are a business that is constantly looking toward the future.

“Although we continue to blend and mature our rums in the same way we always have, we are constantly looking at how to innovate and evolve the way we present and market the brand for the new audience of premium rum drinkers in the UK.

“With a burgeoning popularity for premium rums as a category overall, we have noticed a definite migration toward rum from traditional whisky drinkers also.

“With many drinkers placing greater prominence on the ability to expand their horizons and explore new and unique dark spirits in the on- and off-trade, we believe fervently that 1888 can capitalise on this trend and engage with ‘explorative spirit’ drinkers from both sides of the bar.”

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