New look for Czech absinth reflects heritage and premium quality

Sebor Absinth redesign May 2015

A new bottle has been introduced for Sebor Absinth that reflects both the brand’s premium status and the heritage of the absinthe category.

The redesigned label and brand graphics have a more classic feel, using silver and gold, with the wording “Produce of the Czech Republic” now more pronounced to emphasise Sebor’s provenance.

The bottle itself has also been redesigned, while retaining the familiar lines and the phrase “Authentic Sebor Absinth”.

Dan Bolton, managing director of its UK distributor Hi-Spirits, said: “Although never illegal in the UK, absinthe was unavailable for decades, and Sebor was one of the first brands onto the market when absinthe returned. Fifteen years on, the category is thriving and there is plenty of competition.

“The redesign reflects the status of Sebor Absinth as a mature and established brand, as well as helping to convey the rich heritage of absinthe as a classic cocktail ingredient and one of Europe’s great spirits.”

Spelt “absinth” in the Czech way, Sebor Absinth is produced in the Czech Republic by master distiller Kyle Bairnsfather. Blending the maximum permitted amount of wormwood with 13 herbs and spices, it has a rich and mellow flavour that complements the warmth from the 55% ABV spirit.

A maceration process is used to blend the botanicals with the distilled spirit, preserving more of the complex range of flavours than can be achieved by distilling alone. It contains no artificial colours or flavouring. In retail, it has a recommended price of £27.95.

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