New look for Ginger Grouse strengthens link with whisky

Ginger Grouse new look

A new look has been unveiled for Ginger Grouse, the ready-to-drink whisky and ginger beer, making a stronger link to the parent brand The Famous Grouse.

The 500ml bottle’s new design, picked after input from fans via Facebook, features the brand’s iconic grouse in copper, taking cues from the blended whisky but still retaining its own identity.

The Famous Ginger Grouse packaging aims to tap into the success of the “speers” category of spirit-flavoured beers and also to recruit new drinkers to blended whisky.

Currently available in over 4,000 on-trade outlets as well as in the off-trade, Ginger Grouse was launched over two years ago by distributor Maxxium UK.

Johna Penman, marketing controller of Maxxium UK, said: “The repack has created a much stronger link to the parent brand The Famous Grouse, helping to align Famous Ginger Grouse with the thriving speers category, presenting an opportunity to tap into this growth whilst recruiting new consumers into blended scotch.

“Famous Ginger Grouse is a quality ready-to-drink product with whisky at its heart, offering a real point of difference and showcases the versatility of blended whisky.

“This takes The Famous Grouse into refreshing social occasions, as Famous Ginger Grouse is the perfect accompaniment to a summer barbecue.”

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