New look for Hayman’s Gin reflects heritage

Hayman's ginsHayman Distillers is relaunching its range of Hayman’s Gin to coincide with its 150th anniversary and better emphasise its rich history as a family gin distiller dating back to 1863.

It features an updated logo, new labels and a new bottle design based on a bespoke family bottle from 1947 discovered in the brand’s archives.

The new bottle has distinctive broad, angular shoulders and strong embossing above and below the front label which reads, “Hayman Distillers. Family Gin Distillers since 1863, England”.

The new Hayman’s logo is a bespoke, hand-drawn piece of typography influenced by the Victorian era when gin experienced its first resurgence. The coat of arms is based on the Hayman coat of arms and features a cat holding juniper sprigs. Its copper accents allude to the copper stills of gin production while the bright blue colour gives it a contemporary feel.

Hayman’s produces a range of six different styles which follow the evolution and history of gin over the last 150 years. The new branding will feature immediately on the core range of Hayman’s London Dry Gin, Hayman’s Old Tom Gin and Hayman’s Sloe Gin as well as Hayman’s Royal Dock Navy Strength. The rest of the range, including Hayman’s 1850 Reserve and Hayman’s Gin Liqueur will follow shortly afterwards.

Hayman Distillers is run by the fifth generation of the Hayman family of distillers, James and Miranda Hayman, who are the great-great-grandchildren of James Burroughs who first made Beefeater gin at a distillery in Chelsea in 1863.

James said: “2013 is a landmark year for Hayman’s. This is a chance for us to celebrate 150 years as family gin distillers and give the brand a more modern feel while highlighting our rich heritage.

“The new range uses one bottle design and the labelling on each of the new bottles gives them their own identity while the overall design provides a unified family feel and connection. We are really excited about celebrating our 150th year and have a series of other activities planned to ensure Hayman’s continues to be at the forefront of English gin distilling.”

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