New-look Plymouth Gin launched in UK

Plymouth Gin new bottle (right)A completely new look has been introduced for the historic Plymouth Gin in the UK, including a switch to a rounded bottle shape and increased price.

The new packaging (pictured right), which is being rolled out across the UK’s on-trade and off-trade this month, has been designed to reflect the brand’s super-premium quality and its heritage. It will also extend to Plymouth Navy Strength and Sloe Gin.

The rounded bottle shape and antique style of the new-look 70cl bottle are inspired by the heritage of Plymouth Gin which has been distilled on the same site in Plymouth since 1793.

The oval label is a return to an earlier example of the packaging, enriched with copper to reflect the gin’s artisanal credentials. A copper cap also mirrors the single copper pot still that has been used in production since Victorian times.

The label also features an image of the Mayflower ship, which set sail from Plymouth for the New World in the 17th century, while a Black Friar icon can be seen through the gin on the back label in recognition of its production at the Black Friar’s Distillery, the oldest working distillery in England.

It was designed for brand owner Chivas Brothers, part of Pernod Ricard, by agency Design Bridge.

The pricing in the UK has been increased to reflect the super-premium branding, with a recommended price in the off-trade of £24.49.

Adam Boita, marketing manager at Pernod Ricard UK, said: “Plymouth is recognised by gin aficionados around the world as an aspirational product and is often regarded as the ‘single malt’ of gins. The new packaging confidently reflects this quality with its striking new shape and luxury cues.

“The stylish bottles will offer increased on-shelf stand-out for the on- and off-trade, with the increased price point reflecting Plymouth’s rightful position in the super-premium gin category.

“The new positioning and recommended pricing reflects better the cache of a truly artisanal gin and matches both the award-winning content and the unique heritage the brand represents when compared to its competitors.”

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