New look and line-up for Cranes craft fruit ciders

Cranes ciders

Cranes ciders have been relaunched with a “new and improved” look and range, using high-quality cranberries alongside apples and other fruits.

Developed by Cambridgeshire-based twins Ben and Dan Ritsema, the craft fruit cider range is led by Cranberries & Limes alongside Blueberries & Apples and Raspberries & Pomegranates. They all have ABV of 4%.

The naturally light ciders use the sweetness of the fruit so that Cranes ciders have 30% fewer calories compared to brand leaders. Each 500ml bottle contains 220 calories with no artificial colours, flavourings, sweeteners or preservatives.

Ben said: “We were at university a few years ago and, like most students, we enjoyed socialising which often involved a drink. Being health conscious, nothing would beat a refreshing glass of cranberry juice. It got us thinking what if cranberries were brewed… and that was the beginning of Cranes.

“It would be wrong to claim an alcoholic drink is healthy, but in moderation it remains an important part of how a lot of people socialise and relax.

“We think people will always enjoy a drink, but that they will increasingly look to choose a drink that has healthier ingredients, but obviously still tastes great! We think we provide the solution.”

The new look was created by leading brand and packaging design agency Osborne Pike and its designers Sam Longstaff and Leigh Criddle.

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