New look and low-sugar recipe for premium soft drink range

Heartsease Farm 330ml

Radnor Hills has re-designed its Heartsease Farm range of adult premium soft drinks with new labels and recipes containing less sugar.

Launching this month, the new reduced-sugar recipes for the premium pressés are designed to respond to demand from health-conscious consumers looking for premium soft drinks with low sugar content.

The packaging has also undergone a redesign with a new label design and a new sloping neck on both the 750ml and 330ml glass bottles.

Radnor Hills is sticking to the brand’s heritage and ethos of using only natural ingredients, including the lightly sparkling spring water from its farm at Heartsease in Powys, Mid Wales.

The new recipes are sweetened with stevia – an all-natural plant-based sweetener that contains almost no calories.

Each bottle will still have the same amount of fruit juices which are blended into traditional British recipes but the new “light” approach will mean that some flavours could contain around 50% less sugar.

The drinks come in seven flavours including Traditional Lemonade with Sicilian lemons, Raspberry Lemonade with natural raspberries, Elderflower Pressé, British Blackcurrant Crush, Apple and Rhubarb, Fiery Ginger Beer and Strawberry & Mint Pressé made with strawberries and garden mint.

Using spring water from Heartsease land, Radnor Hills was launched in 1990 and now supplies spring water, flavoured waters, juice waters and pure fruit juices.

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