New look for Sauza Tequila

Sauza Tequila has redesigned its packaging in a move to present a more premium and contemporary option for consumers.

The 150-year-old authentic tequila brand has a new label design, which centres on the iconographic imagery of the cockerel or ‘gallo’ that has been part of the Sauza family crest since 1873.

Chosen by founding father Don Cenobio Sauza, the imagery represents courage, passion and perseverance – three traits that the company believes have helped to build and maintain the brand.

Sauza Tequila is the second biggest tequila brand in the world and the range is distributed in the UK by Catalyst Brands, a brand agency division of Conviviality.

Mike Miller, marketing director for Catalyst Brands said: “Sauza has put a huge amount of research and insight into this redesign to produce a brand range with premium stand-out, emphasising its authentic tequila credentials.”

All Sauza tequilas are carefully produced using a unique method known as freshly pressed agave. The company uses the nectar of the finest blue weber agave and cooks the juices only after they’ve been extracted from the piña, which it believes ensures agave flavours are their freshest and most pure.

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