New north London brewery for Umbrella Brewing

Umbrella Brewing is opening a new brewery, which will be headed up by cocktail expert and master brewer Matthew Armitage.

Matthew will be working in collaboration with Alastair Tatton, Andy Kerr and Stephen Thompson – the trio behind East End bars Discount Suit Company and The Sun Tavern.

Housed in a formerly fire-damaged Victorian industrial building in Holloway, north London, the company has created a refreshing ginger beer made from natural ingredients; fresh pressed ginger; hand squeezed lemon, cane sugar, malted barley, yeast and water.

The product is brewed in small batches using great care to achieve the perfect balance of flavours, with a pressed ginger root sediment, and its fiery flavour left in for a fiery kick. The result is a beverage at 5% ABV with a distinctive taste.

The entire project, from restoring the original building to formulating new recipes, has been a real labour of love for the group. The team has been working on every aspect including the restoration of the original building, the recipe, and the packaging.

The packaging and label aesthetic of the newly-launched ginger beer will constantly evolve through a series of collaborations with artists in the near future. The current branding is inspired by the striking graphic designs on vinyl sleeves of the 60s and 70s. A style loved by all of the co-founders, the concept came about through Steve’s fascination with The Rolling Stones, who feature prominently in his record collection.

Umbrella Brewing Ginger Beer is available through distributors or you can order direct from the website. Current distributors include Nectar Imports, The Beer Collective, The Sun Tavern Off-licence and Bottle Shop, No Half Measures and The Real Ale Collective.

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