New on-trade push for Koji adult soft drinks

koji rangeFuture Drinks has launched a new campaign to drive distribution of its Koji range of premium sparkling soft drinks in the on-trade.

To drive awareness of the brand, it is investing in a significant PR, social media, sampling and sponsorship campaign focusing on the brand’s health benefits.

Koji is made with carbonated spring water infused with a complex extract of natural fruits. It is completely natural, with no artificial sweeteners and contains 49 calories a bottle. It also does not contain natural sugar substitute, stevia.

Coming in 330ml glass bottles, it is available in three variants: Mandarin and Cranberry, Lemon and Ginger and new flavour, Elderflower and Lime.

After a soft launch 18 months ago, Future Drinks is targeting both the off-trade and on-trade, promoting Koji for drinking by itself or with food.

Adult soft drinks are a growing segment of the soft drinks market, increasing value by 4% in value, according to research group Kantar Worldpanel.

Tim Chater, co-founder of Future Drinks, said: “It is healthy products that are set to drive growth in the soft drinks category. We are also well positioned to capitalise on the current anti-sugar campaign and, with the government proposing to introduce a sugar tax and have the subject high on its health agenda, we are confident that Koji is relevant and will rouse significant interest.

“We are delighted with the reception Koji has received in the trade to date and the success of our initial drive into the independent and health food sectors is evidence that the brand has got a great future.

“There is a major surge in demand for products like Koji from both the trade and the consumer in response to the concerns around sugar consumption, creating the perfect storm for us. We believe we have a flawless soft drink and we are very excited about its future.”

Created by Tim and business partner Luke Sapsed, Koji’s production method took inspiration from a unique Japanese infusion process. “The result is a sophisticated drink that is a more interesting alternative to cordials and water, with less sugar than most juices and doesn’t contain stevia,” Tim said.

Luke added: “The range of three flavours has been carefully considered to reflect a sophisticated UK consumer palate.

“The contemporary, stylish packaging and glass bottle gives Koji a premium look and feel on the shelf or in the chiller cabinet with high appeal for the modern, health conscious consumer.”

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