New peated collection unveiled by anCnoc

anCnoc Peaty FlaughterA new collection of limited-edition peated whiskies has been released by Knockdu Distillery to complement its anCnoc Highland single malt Scotch.

Aimed at bringing peated whisky to modern drinkers, the new whiskies feature anCnoc’s classic light, easy-drinking style but with a dark, distinctive and smoky twist.

The expressions in anCnoc’s new peated collection are named after the traditional tools used to cut peat, with Rutter and Flaughter for the UK and global markets plus Tushkar exclusively for Sweden.

Each new release in the collection will also display its phenol content in parts per million (ppm) to indicate how peated the whisky is, aiming to help drinkers find a peaty level to suit their palate.

Inspiration for the peated whiskies comes from anCnoc’s 120-year history, which reveals that the very first whiskies crafted at Knockdhu had a peaty edge thanks to the distillery’s location in the heart of some of Scotland’s most fertile peat land.

The whiskies will be available from April and will sit alongside anCnoc’s core range. They are bottled at 46% ABV and in their most natural state – neither chill-filtered nor coloured.

Whisky expert Charles Maclean, a Master of the Quaich, said: “The difference between these three malts is subtle, but apparent. Their overall flavour – their aroma and taste – is nicely balanced, fresh and breezy; their smokiness subtle and understated, while their cheerful simplicity makes them very ‘more-ish’ and ‘easy to drink’.”

Project manager Stephanie Bridge from anCnoc hopes the new collection will encourage malt drinkers to explore peated whisky in a new way. “Our new limited-edition peated single malts will form an exciting collection to sit alongside our core anCnoc expressions, offering drinkers a new, and perhaps a first experience of peated whisky,” she said.

“These malts have all the exceptional qualities of anCnoc but with a depth and smokiness that will be appealing both to peat aficionados and to drinkers of lighter malts with an interest in finding a peated malt whisky that they understand and enjoy.

“We’re on a mission to bring our very modern take on the world of peated whisky to our drinkers and to entice customers to experience this new side of anCnoc.”

The packaging of the new collection represents a dark and striking alternative look for anCnoc, with each green glass bottle featuring a glistening illustration of a traditional peat cutting tool on an eye-catching black label.

The new whiskies were unveiled at a launch event in Glasgow where guests tasted them alongside a mix of peaty “experiences”. A menu by rising Scottish food experimentalists Jelly&Gin featured jars of edible peat bog, copper rivet lollipops and clouds of anCnoc smoke. A living peat bog was even transported to the venue for the occasion.

Rutter (with phenol at 11ppm) is sparkling gold in appearance, initially smoky on the nose giving way to spices, pineapples, pear drops and vanilla. It has a full-bodied peaty richness to taste but with undertones of set honey, vanilla, toffee and leather, punctuated by green apples, giving way to a smoky peaty finish.

Flaughter (14.8ppm) is pale gold in appearance, with a warm smokiness with spice, ash and surprising fruit on the nose. It is distinctly smoky to taste with a fruity long-lasting finish.

Tushkar (15ppm) is polished gold in appearance with a rich sweet honey and vanilla nose wrapped in a veil of warm peat smoke, pierced by overtones of fresh green apples, orange peel and cut spring flowers. It is rich, full-bodied wood smoke to taste, opening up to exotic spices, runny honey, toffee sweetness and a hint of freshly squeezed lemons.

anCnoc, part of the Inver House Distillers portfolio, is produced at Knockdhu Distillery which was established in 1894 and is one of the smallest distilleries in the Scottish Highlands.

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