New premium tonics designed for ‘gin connoisseurs’

Distillers tonics

A new premium range of tonics has been launched in the UK, specifically devised for “gin connoisseurs”.

Distillers Tonic has created two distinctively dry, premium tonic waters, with a subtle flavour, low sugar and low carbonation, designed to deliver “the taste experience of the spirit as the distiller intended”.

Containing only natural ingredients, the two versions are Original and Dry, initially available in two serving sizes: 200ml crown-top bottles and 500ml screw-top bottles.

Distillers Original Tonic, the classic version, is low in sugar, with fewer calories than most other regular tonics. The natural quinine is balanced with zesty extract of lemon and lime for added refreshment.

Distillers Dry Tonic is described as the distillers’ preferred choice. It is clean, crisp and distinctively dry, with half the calories of Original.

Maria Badel, commercial director of Distillers Tonic, said: “We wanted to make your G&T more about the G than the T.

“Tonic water has traditionally been very fizzy, but we believe excessive carbonation disguises the botanicals of the gin. Our new tonic waters are only gently carbonated for a super-smooth mix, that ensures the spirit’s unique character and flavour are fully enjoyed. They also make delicious, refreshing drinks on their own.”

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