New Provençal gin hits the UK market

QVT Dry Gin

A new distillery operating from the heart of Provence in France has launched its first spirit, QVT Dry Gin, in the UK.

Inspired by the range of flavours and fragrances of the French region, the gin was chosen to be the first product released by QVT after its founding members noticed that the vast majority of spirits consumed in the area were imported.

Selecting high-quality, local ingredients, the botanicals used in the distillation process include juniper, lavender, rose-flower, rosemary, coriander seeds, pine and grape.

The result is “an aroma that captures the essence of Provence while satisfying all needs from a traditional dry gin”.

QVT is short for ‘quatre-vingt trois’, which translates as 83 in French, representing the code of the department’s base in the heart of Provence. The distillery is currently preparing to launch its next product, a clear vodka with a local twist.

QVT Dry Gin is available from Southern Wines.

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