New range of premium snacks launched for stylish bars

Edgar's Choice snacks

A range of premium peanut snacks has been launched into the on-trade in packs designed to complement stylish bars.

Using exotic spices from around the world, Edgar’s Choice features peanuts coated in ingredients such as wasabi and jalapeno. The range also has a Bar Mix selection with spicy coated peanuts, rice crackers and wasabi peas.

The new single-portion packs are available in seven different flavours and are gas flushed to ensure long life, product quality and extended shelf life. They also come in bulk bags for decanting into Kilner jars for on-bar dispensing.

The peanuts and snacks are roasted in peanut oil which is lower in polyunsaturated fats. Peanut oil has been used for centuries in oriental cooking and gives the snacks their distinctive premium flavour.

Developed over the last two years, the Edgar’s Choice range is manufactured using unique spice blends which coat the roasted peanuts to form a crunchy case. They use high-quality peanuts and tree nuts sourced from the best growing regions from around the world.

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