New range of ‘zero-proof’ spirits hits the UK on-trade

STRYYK Not Gin and Not Rum

Stryyk, a new range of “zero-proof” distilled spirits has launched into the UK on-trade in a bid to offer consumers a modern alternative to alcohol.

Created by drinks industry entrepreneur and founder of Funkin Cocktails Alex Carlton, Stryyk recognises the growing demand from Generation X’rs and is predominantly targeted at 18-35 year olds.

The brand has been introduced for those who choose not to drink alcohol, are having a night off or “mixing up their night”, but still want to be part of the party.

Distilled and bottled in the UK, the Stryyk portfolio features one clear spirit, Stryyk Not Gin, and one dark spirit, Stryyk Not Rum.

Stryyk Not Gin combines juniper, rosemary and basil while Stryyk Not Rum emulates rum with its golden colour and features clove, oakwood and grapefruit flavours. Both variants are 100% natural with zero sugar, fat, carbs or artificial flavours.

The two new releases are designed and packaged to complement the back-bar, with a bottle featuring the brand logo and tag line “All of the spirit, none of the alcohol” and a premium cork closure.

Alex said: “Stryyk is making sobriety acceptable, simple and not anti-social. With the new generation of party-goers choosing to drink less alcohol and sometimes none at all, Stryyk offers a zero-proof spirit which enables them to enjoy the drinks they love and stay in the moment, without compromising on taste, experience or calories.

Suggested serves include a Stryyk Not Gin & Tonic, or the use of the new zero-proof spirit as a base for a variety of cocktails. To experience the “bite” of Stryyk Not Rum, it is recommended served neat on the rocks.

To bring Stryyk to market, Alex collaborated with Tom Soden, owner of Nine Lives, The Gunmakers and The Lion & Lamb. As Strykk brand ambassador, Tom has developed signature serves.

The first serve, ‘Spring Daisy’, is made with chilled Stryyk Not Gin, raspberry syrup, cranberry juice, Peychaud’s bitters and egg white, and is garnished with a cucumber ribbon and a fresh raspberry. Stryyk Not Rum can be combined with Earl Grey tea, pink grapefruit juice, soda water and sugar syrup in ‘Tea Time’. See below for full recipes.

Tom said: “Previously dry and tannic flavour profiles have been neglected within the non-alcohol sector and this is where Stryyk shines.

“The ability to provide intense flavours in shorter serve styles opens up exciting options for non-alcoholic drinks. Personally I also enjoy Stryyk neat over ice with a lemon twist.”

Listings have already been secured in a wide variety of outlets including La Fromagerie, Nine Lives, Caravan Group, Bounce, Puttshack, Clos Maggiore, The Office Group and The Ministry Creative Workspace.

Stryyk will also be available in the British Airways Club lounge at JFK International Airport.

Alex added: “I am delighted with the positive reception so far from the trade and look forward to introducing Stryyk more widely in the coming months.

“Its unique flavour profile makes it the first truly satisfying and credible non-alcoholic alternative to spirits and offers the trade not only non-alcoholic options on serves, both classic and new, but also higher margins than on traditional soft drinks.”

Spring Daisy
75ml Chilled Stryyk Not Gin
5ml Raspberry syrup
25ml Cranberry juice
1 Cucumber ribbon
10ml Egg white
1 dash Peychaud’s bitters (optional)
Muddle cucumber ribbon at the base of the shaker. Add all other ingredients and shake before straining into a rocks glass and garnishing with a fresh raspberry.

Tea Time
75ml Chilled Stryyk Not Rum
50ml Chilled Earl Grey tea
15ml Pink grapefruit juice
25ml Soda water
5ml Sugar syrup
Add all ingredients into a Collins glass and stir briefly. Garnish with a pink grapefruit wedge.

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