New range of premium mixers developed with leading bartender

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A range of high-quality mixers has been introduced, developed in collaboration with leading bartender Nick Strangeway.

WiseHead Productions has launched The London Essence Company range which have been distilled to capture the flavours of their high-quality botanicals, sourced from around the world.

The collection comprises Classic London Tonic, Grapefruit and Rosemary Tonic, Bitter Orange and Elderflower Tonic, and Delicate Ginger Ale, available in 200ml bottles. They are priced £1.50 per bottle in retail.

Each expression is delicately light at under 20 calories per 100ml and low in sugar at under 4g per 100ml, containing a dusting of sugar and a touch of sweetness extracted from the stevia plant.

Nick Strangeway, who has been a bartender since the early 1990s and co-founded consultancy Strange Hill, said: “As a veteran of almost 30 years in the bar business and latterly – indeed perhaps more importantly – as a spirits producer myself, I have often bemoaned the lack of mixers that allow the true flavour of spirits to show.

“Thank goodness for The London Essence Company, at last we have a range of elegant and exquisitely balanced mixers to work with. Having been involved with the project from an early stage, I have thoroughly enjoyed experimenting with the versatile collection. Let’s get mixing!”

The London Essence Company brand breathes new life into the 1896 company that was famed for creating the very best distilled essences. It draws inspiration from its past expertise in crafting distillates, applying modern techniques to create contemporary low-sugar distilled essence blends.

Ounal Bailey, co-founder of WiseHead Productions, said: “We set out to exceed expectations within the premium mixer category and have created uniquely modern mixers.

“We understand that premium spirits offer beautiful and complex flavour profiles and, by working with industry experts, our mixers perform exceptionally to enhance them. We are incredibly proud to have created the first skilfully distilled, naturally all-light mixer collection.”

WiseHead Productions is an incubator company, devised by Ounal Bailey and backed by soft drinks group Britvic, with a small team of experts in distillation and development. Ounal creates contemporary drinks for discerning drinkers, taking inspiration from the craft of the past, data of the present and future predictions to create original drinks that are modern classic in style.

Tasting notes from WiseHead Productions

Classic London Tonic Water
Overview: Sweet citrus notes, pleasantly bitter quinine and juniper.
Aroma: Piney aromatic and citrus notes.
Taste: A combination of fresh, sharp and citrus notes. Lemon, lime and oily orange peel combined with fresh pine, thyme and a juniper finish.

Grapefruit & Rosemary Tonic Water
Overview: Crisp grapefruit oils and rosemary, with a hint of quinine.
Aroma: A loud fruity aroma that is well balanced by the herbaceous edge of the rosemary.
Taste: An ultra-fresh combination of tangy grapefruit notes, a rosemary note and a sharp citrus and light yet bitter quinine finish.

Bitter Orange & Elderflower Tonic Water
Overview: Tangy orange oils and elderflower, with a hint of quinine.
Aroma: Fresh orange with subtle elderflower notes.
Taste: Bitter and tangy orange notes are balanced by rich blood orange oils and a hint of elderflower distillate for a floral and honeyed finish.

Delicate London Ginger Ale
Overview: Steeped ginger root, with background notes of aniseed.
Aroma: Gentle ginger, with a touch of aniseed and honey.
Taste: A gentle liquorice taste from the aniseed, a lemon fennel top note, with a subtle spice of ginger to create a rounded flavour.

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