New Rüya bar champions the seven regions of Anatolia

The Mekan Bar At Rüya

Mediterranean restaurant Rüya is launching The Mekan bar within its Mayfair site, with a drinks offering inspired by the seven regions of Anatolia.

Translating from the Turkish meaning ‘place’, The Mekan will serve Anatolian cocktails, alongside an extensive selection of wines, spirits and beers both from across the globe and closer to home.

Focusing on the seven regions that comprise Anatolia; Marmara, Aegean, Central Anatolia, Black Sea, South East Anatolia and East Anatolia, The Mekan’s comprehensive cocktail menu will incorporate ingredients and flavours from across this diverse and vast landscape.

Running along Turkey’s Black Sea coast, the Black Sea region boasts fields of tea, hazelnut, honey and corn. It has inspired The Mekan’s Saze-Raki cocktail, a bitter-sweet combination of cognac, rye bourbon, Black Hive honey, black tea and bitters as well as the citrusy Faroz, which mixes vodka, mandarin, black currant, grapefruit and bitters.

The golden beaches of the Aegean region are surrounded by fields of figs, olives and plums. Fez (pictured) is made with dark rum, port wine, lime and red berries and the Ottoman Old Fashioned is a smoky combination of bourbon whisky, tobacco and dates, topped with bitters.


The Mediterranean area of Anatolia stretches along Turkey’s south coast, bordering the Mediterranean sea, boasting crops of exotic fruits including apricots, bananas and pineapples. A sweet combination of exotic flavours, the Serefe cocktail includes ingredients such as pineapple, apricot, panda leaf and lime, mixed with gin and yellow Chartreuse.

The Marmara region, which spans two continents encompassing lush mountains, vineyards and beautiful lakes, has inspired The Mekan’s Rüya Negroni. The Anatolian twist on the Italian classic is a punchy mix of gin, red vermouth infused with Turkish coffee, Campari and tonka bean.

Central Anatolia boasts vineyards abundant with apples, pears and grapes. Inspired by the traditional dance originating from Turkey, Whirling Dervish pairs tequila, refreshing pear and lime with savoury sage and black peppercorn.

Southeast Anatolia is influenced by both continental and Mediterranean climates, making it the perfect landscape to grow tobacco, cotton and pistachios. Translating literally as pistachio, the Antep Fistik is a sweet concoction of bourbon whisky, orange, pistachio, lime and ginger. Guests are also invited to try the savoury mix of gin, dry vermouth, olive leaf and black olive in the Rüya Martini.

Populated by mountains, the East Anatolian region boasts harvests of apricots, walnuts and cinnamon. A nod to the well known tropical drink, the Turkish Colada (pictured) is a concoction of vodka, roots, mastiha ice cream, pineapple, lime, oolong tea and pistachio while the Anatolian Highball features Japanese whisky and homemade tea soda.

Those looking for a non-alcoholic alternative are encouraged to try a mocktail, of which there is one from each region. Highlights include The Great Silk Road, made with oat milk, pistachio, pomegranate and pineapple, and Cay Ice, combining wild rooibos tea, bergamot and pink grapefruit.

Turkish Colada

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