New small-batch gin takes inspiration from global travel

Far Reaches Gin

A new small-batch gin, distilled with botanicals inspired by global travel, has been launched as a “twist” on a classic London dry gin.

Far Reaches Gin is made with 13 botanicals from around the world including kumquat from Asia, quandong from Australia, sarsaparilla from the Americas, grains of paradise from Africa and juniper from Europe.

It is produced in a 500-litre pot still in London using a process that allows maximum spirit contact with each botanical and even heat distribution throughout the distillation, resulting in a smooth, premium product.

After distillation, the liquid has a resting period of at least 10 days which is to allow the essential oils from the botanicals to develop fully.

Bottled at 41.3% ABV, Far Reaches is described as a twist on the classic London dry gin, with a forward citrus and floral taste profile.

Co-founder Andrew Whiting said: “Having sampled scores of botanicals, and after many tweaks to our recipe, we are delighted to present our new gin, Far Reaches – the perfect spirit for fans of travel and adventure.

“Far Reaches offers a new take on other gins with citrus-focused flavours from exotic botanicals. Instead of the more conventional orange, lemon or lime, our recipe balances juniper with fresh kumquat notes.

“Then quandong and tangy sarsaparilla add a bittersweet edge, finished with warm, peppery spice from the grains of paradise.

“We invite gin fans seeking fresh and unique flavours to enjoy our new gin. Far Reaches is one of only a handful of special spirits to be conceived, distilled and bottled in the British capital – the historical home of gin.”

With bars in London and Surrey already taking the new gin, it has a recommended price in retail of £38 in 70cl bottles.

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