New smartphone app helps customers call their waiter

Geniusin has launched a new smartphone app, designed to take the stress out of getting a waiter’s attention in a busy restaurant.

The app also helps waiters spot customers in need of their attention and provides managers with real-time customer tracking data that can be used to their competitive advantage.

To use the app, diners need simply to scan the barcode on a participating restaurant’s table, select from three options – get waiter, more drinks and request bill – and enjoy an improved customer service. GetWaiter users also have the option to give feedback on their experience, helping the outlet to improve their service for future diners.

In addition to improving the dining experience, getWaiter is a business tool which allows restaurant managers to control, measure and respond to even the smallest performance dips or improvements. Armed with getWaiter, they can spot service bottlenecks, improve efficiency and drive profit.

Speaking about MK:Smart’s decision to partner with getWaiter, Mathieu D’Aquin, senior research fellow at The Open University, which is leading the MK:Smart project, said: “We hear of so many smart city apps but few are genuinely pioneering. On the contrary, we see real potential in getWaiter and we’re excited to see what it can do to improve Milton Keynes’s economy and the lives its citizens – both key goals for the MK:Smart project.”

On the creation of getWaiter, Paul Tombs, managing director of parent company Geniusin, said: “The catering sector is saturated with restaurant finding apps, restaurant coupon apps and even restaurant management apps. But, until now, there’s been no solution to the universally felt discomfort of trying, often in vein, to get the attention of a waiter. The strength in getWaiter’s design is in its ability to solve a widespread, real world problem head on with no fuss or frills.”

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