New snack range promises health benefits from oleic acid

Ole peanuts

A range of snacks using peanuts rich in oleic acid has been launched in the UK by Provenance Trading Co after their success in Australia.

The Olé brand is thought to be the first in the UK to be offering the nuts which, due to the levels of oleic acid, are described as over 50% healthier than ordinary peanuts.

They have far higher concentrations of mono-unsaturated fats, or good fats, and even healthier than olive oil, helping to lower cholesterol, aid weight loss and reduce the risk of strokes and heart disease.

The all-natural range includes a variety of flavours including the unique Mediterranean Herb & Cherry Tomatoes, which features whole vacuum-fried Thai cherry tomatoes, and Sweet Chilli & Caramelised Honey.

There are also traditionally lightly salted peanuts, others paired with juicy raisins and chocolate-coated raisins and a Smoky Flavour & Crunchy Spanish Corn for a touch of spice. Olé comes in sizes ranging from 60g to 85g.

As well as tapping into the trend for healthier snacks, Olé has a shelf life that is over three times longer than ordinary peanuts and, according to Provenance Trading Co, they are not only crunchier in texture but also “far tastier”.

Managing director Nick Charlton, who has worked in the snack industry for over 15 years, said: “With consumers enjoying peanuts but conscious that normal peanuts are full of saturated fats, Olé, with its healthier mono-unsaturated fat content will encourage consumers to switch.”

The Provenance Trading Co focuses on product provenance and promises full traceability. The company is also committed to sourcing ingredients from around the world that bring originality and innovation to the UK snack category.

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