New social events app pays people to attend venues

Bloc, a free social events app that allows users to check-in to venues and connect with people before they go, is bringing a new dimension to bar and restaurant marketing.

Restaurants and bars are taking advantage of their 18-35 userbase by advertising in the app and driving more people to their venues. Advertisers can trial the service with £150 free credit at

Using geo-location technology Bloc’s users are rewarded with an in-app currency if they attend venues. Once they have collected a certain amount they can exchange this currency for real money. The biggest payout is £250.

“Our users are so engaged because they can find new venues, expand their social network & even earn real money by checking in and attending venues”

Joshua Wood, Founder. 

Bloc can be easily implemented in a venues marketing strategy by simply creating a newsfeed ad. This is then showed to every Bloc user within a 15 mile radius of the venue being advertised. This venue will also be featured on the map of events and go to the top of the events list. By marketing with Bloc a restaurant, pub, bar or even a nightclub can increase their customer base by raising awareness of their venue.

The more check-ins a venue has the more likelihood other users will see the popularity of this venue. This leads to an effective snowball effect resulting in more customers. By advertising with Bloc venues can initiate these check-ins and get incredible results.

Bloc is also the first platform that allows advertisers to pay per result, which is a customer inside the restaurant or bar spending. The venue is only charged £2 if a user checks in and actually goes, using geo-location technology. So the venue can have the peace of mind that every customer Bloc brings in is profit with an average 10x ROI.

On Bloc’s website marketers can see how Bloc works by experimenting with their interactive demo or by downloading the app for free on iOS and Android. New advertisers will get £150 ad credit to trial the service which is 75 new customers for free. After 75 people have attended then it’s just £2 (inc VAT) per customer. 

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