New website to promote sherry including bars and cocktails


A new website has been launched to promote sherry, including ideas for cocktail recipes and pairings and a searchable list of bars and restaurants.

The completely new-look site at offers a wide range of advice on serving and using sherry for bartenders, chefs, sommeliers and the wine trade as well as consumers. It also provides information on its history and production.

A new feature is the searchable Sherry Spots section featuring bars and restaurants from all over the world that serve sherry, including the UK.

Bars and restaurants featured so far include Friends of Ham in Leeds, Bar 44 in Cardiff, Harveys Cellars in Bristol, Evuna in Manchester and Jose, Camino, Bar Pepito, Copita, Salt Yard, Tapas Revolution, Casa Brindisa and Barrica in London.

The website also provides ideas for mixing sherry, such as a twist on a Negroni called a Perfect Sherroni, and many original recipes created by bartenders in the annual Sherry Cocktail Competition in the US, now in its 10th year. The database will be expanded including cocktails from bartenders in the UK.

Users can find the latest information on sherry events such as tastings, seminars and courses offered by both the Consejo Regulador as well as general events. This will provide a valuable platform for local businesses, including bars and restaurants, to promote sherry education.

The website will feature the upcoming second International Sherry Week, which runs from November 2 to 8. Bars, restaurants and wine merchants can have their events listed on the website. In 2014, 22 countries hosted more than 2,000 events.

The new site has been developed by the industry’s regulatory council, the Consejo Regulador, of the Denominación de Origen Jerez-Xeres-Sherry and is supported by the Sherry Institute of Spain in the UK. It ties in with the 80th anniversary of the foundation of the wine’s denomination of origin.

It is available in English and Spanish, with German and Dutch versions launching in October. The UK is the biggest market for sherry outside of Spain.

Cesar Saldaña, director general of the Consejo Regulador, said: “We are appealing to a new generation of sherry drinkers. Sherry is integrally tied up with the culture of this region of Andalusia. There’s lots of passion here, and we want that to be a part of our identity.”

A key message of the new site is to remind people that sherry is a wine that can be served in different ways and on different occasions, moving away from the traditional image of sherry as limited to a pre-lunch aperitif.

The site brings together a worldwide community of sherry aficionados, from chefs and sommeliers to bloggers and food writers, offering their ideas on sherry pairings with food.

Pairings are included in a simple, clearly designed downloadable guide which also describes each type of sherry and its taste.

The site also lists all the bodegas in the sherry denomination of origin, along with full contact details and information about which sherries they produce. In future, this will also include opening hours for people wanting to visit.

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