Nirvana Brewery introduces two new alcohol-free beers

Nirvana Brewery low alcohol beers

East London-based Nirvana Brewery has launched two new no-alcohol and vegan craft beers.

Ananda Buchabeer is a combination of Nirvana’s signature Tantra Pale Ale, Kombucha, which is made with green Sancha tea from Japan, and sugar cane. The alcohol-free beer is described as “full of live cultures, good bacteria, helpful enzymes and friendly antioxidants”.

For the second launch, Zen & Berries, Nirvana collaborated with the London Fields Brewery team to create a balanced fruit sour beer with no alcohol. The beer’s “summery character” is achieved with the addition of British-sourced blueberries accompanied by fresh ginger.

Launched at the Mindful Drinking Festival last month, Ananda Buchabeer and Zen & Berries have been released as alcohol-free alternatives to summer drinking.

Nirvana Brewery co-founder Steve Dass said: “For far too long this sector of the industry has been ignored – alcohol free beers don’t have to be boring! At Nirvana, our focus is to bring innovation, creativity and a whole lot of good vibes to the alcohol-free beer scene.”

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