No.3 Gin Unlock Taste
Cocktail Tournament 2019


Welcome to the 3rd edition of our Unlock Taste National cocktail tournament

Since it was first held in 2017 the competition embodies our belief that the bartending community is part of our social fabric, delivering fantastic drinks and hospitality that create memorable experiences for thirsty consumers.  Through the competition structure and prizes our aim is to create a reciprocal experience, one that brings bartenders together in an environment that helps nurture new and existing friendships, encourages creativity and confidence and fuels a passion for delivering outstanding drinks that put smiles on faces and wow imbibers through presentation, flavour and texture.

The competition culminates in a Grand Final that takes place at No.3 St. James’s Street, the inspiration for our Gin and home of our business for over 300 years.

At its heart Unlock Taste is about creating delicious, eye-catching cocktails that balance or accentuate flavours and textures to deliver something spectacular.  Often just the smallest of twists to a technique or use of an intriguing ingredient can turn the perfectly acceptable drink into the remarkable one.  Through the format of the competition, entrants will be asked to use their understanding of ingredients, flavour combinations and techniques to showcase No.3 cocktails that reflect our values.

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