Norway’s OHD releases new aquavit designed for cocktails

Akevitt Blank

An aquavit designed for mixing, made with locally foraged ingredients, has been released by Norwegian distillery Oslo Håndverksdestilleri (OHD).

Akevitt Blank is made with locally foraged ingredients such as caraway, meadowsweet, heather flower, angelica root, juniper, sorrel, calamus root, camomile flower and St John’s wort.

Close relationships with the farmers allow OHD to source its ingredients from the land surrounding its Oslo home, helped by a local forager who collects and dries the botanicals growing wild in the nearby Marka forest.

Akevitt Blank was inspired by a desire to make a spirit with strong mixability. Caraway is dominant – as with classic aquavits – but with a forward note of juniper, which is designed to help Akevitt Blank be used in cocktails, especially those that originally call for gin. It can also be enjoyed neat or accompanied with food in the more traditional Scandinavian style.

Marius Vestnes, co-founder of OHD, said: “As Norwegians, we felt that we had the knowledge to make something authentic, to create the perfect unaged akevitt. I think we succeeded in creating a complex spirit which gives an edge to classic cocktails.”

It comes in 50cl bottles, with ABV of 45%. In UK retail, it has a recommended price of £32.95.

Norwegians have been steeping herbs and spices to produce aquavit since the 15th century. Traditionally Norwegian aquavit – “akevitt” in Norwegian – is made with potato-based spirits and infused with botanicals, with a predominant flavour profile of caraway.

After a long history of state monopolies on alcohol production in Norway, OHD wants to bring authenticity back to the aquavit category and is dedicated to reviving traditional customs with the creation of high-quality artisanal spirits enriched with Nordic botanicals.

Akevitt Blank joins OHD’s cask-aged Akevitt, launched earlier this year, and the award-winning Vidda Tørr Gin and Marka, a Nordic digestive bitter.

Akevitt Blank tasting notes from OHD
Nose: Clean, herbal. Sweet juniper and spice.
Palate: Spice led, heather and chamomile, oily.
Finish: Long peppery finish.

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