Novus ‘mix it up’ in October for annual Cocktail Month

Jager & Ginger Beer Crushed

Bar and restaurant operator Novus has announced details of its annual Cocktail Month, celebrating a range of new cocktails created by its bar teams.

The nod to London Cocktail Week initiative is set to run throughout the month of October across the entire Novus estate.

Novus challenged its bartenders to design creative serves fit for October Cocktail Month using selected spirit suppliers and a wide variety of ingredients.

After three months of hard work and a day of tasting the new creations, a shortlist was drawn up and each Novus bar chose the cocktails that offered the best fit for its venue.

The list covers a vodka selection using special serves by Absolut and Russian Standard, whiskey-based creations incorporating Jack Daniel’s and Bulleit, and a range centred on Jägermeister.

Each cocktail combines elements of a collection of flavours, from caramel to maraschino and watermelon to lime.

Customers can sample a Bitter Sweet Jack, a mix of Jack Daniel’s, vanilla and chocolate bitters, at Village in London’s Soho, or head out to a number of Tiger Tiger sites nationwide for a Spiced Bulleit, combining Bulleit, Captain Morgan Spiced rum, vanilla syrup, fresh lemon, muddled strawberries and cranberry juice, with a strawberry garnish.

To mark the celebration, special pop-up events will also be taking place across the estate.

Customer experience director for Novus, Simon Gaske, said: “We’re really proud of the amazing range of cocktails our exceptionally talented bartenders have created this year.

“Their passion and creativity never cease to amaze us, and the teams can’t wait to serve these delicious fresh cocktails to customers across the country.”

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