Novus Tea adds White Pear and Ginger to whole-leaf range

Novus Tea White Pear and Ginger

Novus Tea has launched White Pear and Ginger as an exclusive new flavour in its range of whole-leaf teas.

The unique blend, which won a Great Taste gold award during its development phase, is now available in pyramid bags or as loose leaf tea for bars, pubs and foodservice operators.

This silver needle white tea, from Fujian, China, is hand-plucked – two leaves and a new bud – on only two mornings per year so there are very limited quantities available worldwide.

White Pear and Ginger is a smooth and delicate infusion. Whole-leaf white tea combines seamlessly with the taste of sweet, juicy fresh pear, and the subtle twist of spicy ginger gives a gentle warmth at the back of the palate.

The blend meets the market demand not only for flavour innovation but also for healthy credentials. Because white tea is said to be higher in antioxidants and polyphenols than green or black tea, White Pear and Ginger is expected to be popular with the growing number of customers looking to take advantage of these health benefits.

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